- Santiago de Cali -

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Visit the Sugarcane Museum in Palmira to understand their influence on the development of the region. In this 18th century colonial hacienda, travelers can stroll through the gardens and learn about the milling and processing of sugarcane through exhibitions and other activities.

Sebastian de Belalcazar is a bronze monument was erected in honor of Sebastian de Belalcazar, conqueror of this beautiful city. It is a solemn statue that stands at a lookout point which provides for an excellent view of the city. It is located in La Arbeoleda neighborhood.

The Calima Gold Museum is a small but impressive resource for those interested in pre-Columbian history. The one-room museum is home to more than 450 archaeological artifacts, including jewelry, ceramics, stones, wood carvings and shells from the three hunter-gatherer societies who were present in the southwest Valle del Cauca region: the Ilama, Yotoco, and Sonso. The museum provides information about the customs, religion, technology and mythology of these societies and is an important education center for locals.

La Hermita Church is a church designed with gothic architecture and based on the design of the Catedral de Ulm, located in Germany. It was constructed in 1678, under the name of Ermita de Nuestra Senora de la Soledad del Rio (Chapel of Our Lady of Solitude of the River). The church was destroyed by an earthquake and after the reconstruction, it became one of the most important icons of the city of Cali.

The Museo Arqueologico La Merced (as it is called in Spanish) is a construction that goes back to the 18th century and is located in downtown Cali, surrounded by modern buildings. The museum exhibits pieces from pre-Colombian cultures from the Cauca Valley as well as colonial architectural pieces. It is an important place for the locals because it was where the first mass was held in thanksgiving, after the founding of Cali. It is also the site of the Church of La Merced.

Cristo Rey this monument (translated as the Christ King) was built in 1953 as an homage to peace and a symbol of protection for the locals. It is found on the top of Los Cristales Hill and is 85 feet tall. It has a lookout point where you can admire the wonderful panoramic view of the city of Cali